Soy Wax Designer Candles now on Etsy

We are happy to announce that we have joined the wonderful community of Etsy.

With thousands of people sharing their wonderful works of art, we wanted to take part. I will admit my spouse and I are still learning the e-commerce business, so starting a store on Etsy was very intuitive. I love the technology and age we live in, everything comes with a few clicks of a button. I remember in the '90s, the thought of creating a website or, a business no less seemed almost impossible with the amount of coding knowledge needed to start. Now with the amount of information available on forums, courses or YouTube, incredibly intelligent people have made it easier for people such as myself to start a business from my home to help cancer research. Like I said I love the age we live in.

We don't have all designs available at the moment like Hazel, Atlas, or the Christmas Tree (Seeing that the Christmas tree is suited for Christmas lol). Atlas on the other if you follow us on Instagram:

We announce coming February 10th, Atlas will be available in all variations and scents. It took me some time to get his design down, but I'm happy to say after several iterations, Atlas is FINALLY done. I hope everyone loves him as much as I do.
We are committed to giving you the best candles at a great price. Our candles are 100% natural Canadian soy wax, and we hand pour everything ourselves. We offer the best quality essential oils, from a local distributor here in Mississauga. If you made it this long, thank you for taking the time to read, and I thank you for supporting our dream.
Here are some our favourite lisitng for Esty: 
Here are some of our Valentine's day listing for that special someone:
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